MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Systems

Order RMCA Pro / Jam partner / MAAS

RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro, Jam partner and MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section are Shareware, please copy and distribute them freely.

                            If you would like to see how to order one of these XDigits MIDI programs after you have
                                        extensively tested its DEMO version, which you can download

Click here if you want to see how to order RMCA Pro (Fee: EUR 51.00)

Click here if you want to see how to order Jam partner (Fee: EUR 32.00)

Click here if you want to see how to order MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section (Fee: EUR 7.00)

After ordering you would receive an e-mail with payment details and further instructions immediately. 


Registered users of RMCA Pro additionally receive the full version of Jam partner and can unlock
it with the same registration data. This full version can be found in the RMCA program directory.