MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Systems

How to ...

... decrease dramatically latency problem by replacing the MS GS Wavetable Synth:

  • Download "VirtualMidiSynth" from http://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/virtualmidisynth (or look up the name in a search engine)
  • Download one of the free sound fonts, suggested on that same page
  • Install "VirtualMidisynth" and configure it as follows: 
       - make it the default MIDI device
       - add the soundfont you just downloaded to it
  • In the advanced options tab reduce the additional output buffer. Try to reduce it near to zero!
  • Run RMCA Pro or MAAS, select "VirtualMidiSynth" as MIDI-output and enjoy playing nearly lag-free!

... connect RMCA Pro or MAAS with a DAW:

  • Install LoopMIDI, a virtual loopback MIDI cable for Windows XP up to Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit, from http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html (or look up the name in a search engine)
  • Configure 2 virtual MIDI-ports (e.g. loopMidiPort 1 and LoopMidiPort 2)
  • Run RMCA Pro or MAAS and select "loopMidiPort 2" as MIDI-output
  • Connect your MIDI-keyboard or your MIDI-controller with RMCA Pro or MAAS via MIDI-input
  • Run your DAW and select within one or more track(s) "loopMidiPort 2" as MIDI-Input.

... get more information about MIDI and MIDI-software:


RMCA Pro and MAAS are particularly suitable for creating backing tracks in a few minutes and jamming along to them.

Example 1 Blues/Rock in Bb-major   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


Example 2:  Slow Blues in A-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


Example 3:  Canon in D-major   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Modeling (recorded live, MP3)


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