MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Systems


Would you like to turn your computer into an "Entertainer Keyboard" and to ...

  • make professional music with your computer or a simple MIDI controller actively ? - (Audio & video clips)
  • let a software "compose" tasteful tracks for practicing, video clips or presentations (RMCA Pro, Jam partner) ?   
  • use a chord progressions random generator with many options to get musical ideas (RMCA Pro, Jam partner)  ?
  • practice guitar or bass and be accompanied by a backing band with countless songs (RMCA Pro, Jam partner) ?
  • process thousands of additional high-quality styles ? (RMCA Pro, Jam partner) -  Learn more ...
  • create your own styles from MIDI files or virtually any MIDI input (RMCA Pro) ?
  • turn your MIDI controller or your computer into a full-featured MIDI arranger keyboard ?
  • use an alternate MIDI auto-accompaniment with 16 "fingered" and 10 "two-finger" chord types ?
  • use an auto-accompaniment for less than US$ 10.00 (only MAAS) ?

Here is an example of how RMCA Pro was used to compose
background music for a short slide video and the lead guitar.

Download RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro (updated and enhanced in 2016-2019)
Download Portable RMCA Pro (updated and enhanced in 2016-2019)
Download Jam partner (updated and enhanced in 2016-2019)
Download MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section (updated in 2016/2017)
Download Instrument List Editor - the freeware add-on

 RMCA Pro audio & video clips 

RMCA Pro, Jam partner and MAAS are particularly suitable for creating
backing tracks in a few minutes and jamming along to them.

Example 1 Ballad in Bb-major/G-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Modeling (recorded live in 2015, MP3)


Example 2:  Blues/Rock in Bb-major   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live in 2015, MP3)


Example 3:  Slow Blues in A-minor   -   RMCA Pro + Guitar Synth & Modeling (recorded live in 2015, MP3)


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