MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Systems


RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro (RMCA Pro), Jam partner (J.P.) and MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section (MAAS) are music programs for Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista(TM)/Windows®7/8/10. All are full-featured MIDI accompaniment automats that process ready-to-use styles and with which songs can be arranged in real time. RMCA Pro offers all available functions, while J.P. and MAAS are limited to certain uses according to their different possibilities. An external MIDI keyboard isn't needed!

The Instrument List Editor that also can be downloaded from here is a FREEWARE "add on" for the accompaniment systems and can be used for editing existing instrument lists or for creating new ones.

The DEMO versions of the programs have no time limit and generally have all the functions of the registered versions except for the saving capabilities, some special functions and the fact that only the about 35 included demo styles, several hundred downloadable so-called "1-part styles" and (- not with regard to MAAS -) styles for YAMAHA® arranger keyboards can be processed (but always only for a limited time).

Hundreds of other high quality styles which can be used with RMCA Pro, Jam partner and MAAS are collected in the RCS Style Library and can be downloaded for free - Enjoy !

Uninstall RMCA Pro, Jam partner and MAAS

RMCA Pro, Jam partner and MAAS do not have to be installed. They also run from USB sticks or flash drives. All programs offer a switch which determines whether they are running in normal mode or in portable mode. Therefore, there is now really no longer need to download or purchase the portable version of RMCA Pro.

Setup will NOT modify your computer configuration, but only creates 1 folder (e.g. ...\RMCA or ...\MAAS) and 2 or 3 subfolders. If you would like to remove the applications from your system, simply delete the program folders (...\RMCA or ...\MAAS). That's all. 

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