MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Systems

MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section (MAAS)

  • Exceptional price reduction from originally US$ 24.50 to US$ 6.95/EUR 7.00 !
This software for Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista(TM)/Windows®7/8/10 is for people who are interested in using only the style processor and the realtime arranger of RMCA Pro to make music actively or to have simply a lot of fun.

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MAAS was developed from RMCA Pro's auto-accompaniment and comes also with all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard. For less than US$ 7.00 MAAS offers realtime chord recognition, style manager, LeadSheed editor, song arranger with recording section, up to 16 "fingered" and 10 "two-finger" chord types, MIDI controls and more.

MAAS processes RMCA Pro's/Jam partner's rcs-styles (freely accessible on the Internet), but in contrast to RMCA Pro and Jam partner NO styles for YAMAHA® arranger keyboards!

A unique feature of MAAS is its melody-Ad Lib function that allows even the inexperienced keyboarder to play and improvise in any key. MAAS is an easy-to-use improvisation tool and a great aid to practise songs and melodies; a complete backing group for guitar players, bass players and soloists. Songs can be recorded in real time, and then reproduced with hundreds of available and free downloadable different RCS styles in which a MIDI keyboard isn't needed - More ...

The DEMO version of MAAS has no time limit and generally has all the functions of the registered version except for the saving capabilities, some special functions and the fact that only the about 35 included demo styles can be processed.

Uninstall MAAS

MAAS does not need to be installed. The program also runs from USB sticks or flash drives and offers a switch which determines whether it is running in normal mode or in portable mode (Main menu -> Options -> Portable version).

Setup will NOT modify your computer configuration, but only creates 1 folder (...\MAAS) and 2 subfolders. If you would like to remove the application from your system, simply delete the program folder (...\MAAS). That's all.

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